tv dinners!!!!

Whats everyones opinions on kids watching tv while eating dinner?

I have 4 children and have always had a strict dinner at the table rule, sitting down to dinner as a family is important i think.

I recently went out for dinner with my husband, was nothing fancy jus a local pub/restaurant, the kids were with my parents so we had some “us” time. I grew quiet annoyed as half way through our meal a family came in and were demanding a booth with a tv, they got one eventually after making a fuss. so we are trying to have a conversation with no interruptions from kids , when all i can hear is In The Night Garden bedtime song turned up really loud in the booth next to us from the fussy family. Is it just me that thinks this is plain rude and inconsiderate ? In my opinion the child should have been at home getting ready for bed not sat in a pub/restaurant watching tv and disturbing other diners. Maybe restaurants should have family sections and adult only sections? I can’t stand it when your out having dinner and there is a kid iscreaming, shouting, running about etc etc either, if your child can not behave in these places then you simply don’t take them!


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